La Fille Colette

La Fille Colette is a slow fashion brand based out of Boston. Founder Colette Chretien designs for a feminine and strong woman who wants to wear versatile, polished pieces that can take her from day to night.

Manufacturing their garments on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, La Fille Colette proudly prioritizes socially and environmentally responsible practices. 

The classic lines of La Fille Colette's Penelope dress showed their form amidst a jungle of modern architecture in Los Angeles. The day to night dress paired perfectly with Veja sneakers in this relaxed look. Sneakers? Why not - this is city exploring style at its finest.

Northbound With No Expectations

It was a hot one, but we had plans to go. And so, we ventured out. With no expectations, we headed northbound late on a Friday night for a weekend away. 

The days were heated and practically inescapable; we were able to find a bit of respite in the ocean and some secret cold springs we discovered.

Basing ourselves at a shaded campground halfway between Ventura and Ojai, we were perfectly located to adventure between these two beautiful towns. 

From fun surf at Mondos and C Street, hikes with the pup in Matilija Canyon and quiet dips in a hidden cold spring right off the 33, the opportunities for daily activities were endless. Drew ended up accidentally drowning his phone while relaxing in the springs, but that simply left us even more off the grid along the journey.

Nighttime found us meditating over an open fire, reading into the night and thanking the arrival of the cool evening air. 

A few days of wandering and soaking in the amazingness of the area, we were ready to head home and get back to some sort of our normal. 

Backyard Exporations

It's not every day we can walk down to the border of two great countries and have a hike.

Being the end of the summer in San Diego, we are getting restless with the lagging tourists still in town and a yearly heat wave that makes everyone question where they actually live.

We needed to find a way to get out of dodge and enjoy some solitary time. Our first idea was a long drive and a pristine mountain trail. After a brief reassessment, the decision was made to hop in the car and head to a closer, southern destination. 

It was hot as could be ... and our A/C-less car was piping hot. Once we made it to the trailhead, we couldn't leave the car behind fast enough to get out into that breezy ocean air. 

It's always satisfying to make a weekday hike educational. Drew grew up within 10 miles of this place and had never been. It was mind boggling to observe how many intricate color variants paint the landscape of this wildlife refuge, which houses part of the Tijuana River Watershed.

Covering 1,750 square miles, three-fourths of the watershed lies south of the border in Mexico. Watersheds basically collect drainage from snow melt, rain and urban runoff that can flow down streams or rivers to the sea. We can all help protect these basins by trying to prevent harmful pollutants (like fertilizer, motor oil, and plastic trash) from entering storm drains, where they will then inevitably end up in the estuary and then the ocean.

With backgrounds from Mexico to the mountains, the Pacific Ocean to local islands, the views are sure to please in this fragile yet beautiful environment. The trails were clean and well designated, and we highly recommend checking it out.  

Vino Y Nadie

Buenos Días in the Valle was unreal, where we found ourselves amidst surreal surroundings. Entirely enthralled by the natural light and perfectly eclectic scene that Viviana had set in our room, we spiraled into a vortex of creating. The circular space was so inviting and the rays of sunlight danced through the windows like magic.

Luckily we knew that wineries awaited us outside our sleeping haven, so for the love of vino, we wandered out into the Valle to discover its flavor. To our surprise, a summer weekday in the Valle was exceptionally mellow. More than not, we walked into practically vacant scenes. We were fortunate to connect with each establishment's employees and ask as many questions as we could ponder.

Post visit, here's our top spots we suggest for your next adventure to Valle Guadalupe |

Hasta la próxima!

El Valle: Sí, Porfa y Gracias

It's one of those mystical places you always hear about - that gem just down the road, beyond the border and a little inland. For some reason, it might not be your first choice - your first thought - to venture outside the box to see what truly exists in this so-called magical land.

When reality strikes and you hit the highway 1, the kilometers fly by with just as much gust as the wind off the scenic coastline. The distance is not far and the trip is a quick wander south. Reflecting back on our moments in the Valle de Guadalupe, our enthusiasm is high. When the time is right, pack your passport and journey to Baja's wine country before the Valle's charm gets gobbled up by commercialistic ventures.

How did we end up in the Valle you ask? It was 11:30pm on a Tuesday night. We were sleeping in Drew's mom's guest room, crossing our fingers that the van would be healthy and ready to roll the next day. Our initial trip plans for the week were to head north up the coast to Ojai, to hike into the hot springs, gaze at the pink hour, to wander and relax amidst the laid back atmosphere of the central coast. The van's unwell state and the fact that we had rented out our bungalow for this "vacation time" had left us thanking our lucky stars that Mama J was cool with us crashing at her abode.

With our initial Ojai plans completely deflated and the van being held hostage at the transmission shop, we sat in bed staring at the ceiling - looking for an idea to allow us to wander to faraway lands in the few remaining days of our free time. Thanks to Drew's wild ideas and AirBnB, we found our destination: La Casa de Tierra in Valle de Guadalupe. We booked it for the following two nights.

Several hours of sleep later and another depressing verdict from the mechanic, we were headed south to the fronterra, spirits high and bags packed into our little mini coop. 

Once we crossed the border, all our worries shed and we were living in the moment. The road took us fast and the traffic was little. We stared off into the ocean as we scurried down the coast. Missing our exit but not by far, we stopped off at a beach called La Misión for a moment. It looked as if it was torn from a glamorous travel magazine, complete with beach side vendors and permanent cabanas for shade seekers. We made some photos and then got back on track for the main event. 

The road to the Valle is simple. No complex turn offs or freeway exchanges. You take the exit near La Fonda and just south, turn inland. From there, it's pretty much a straight shot until you hit the big ass sign that says Ruta del Vino: Valle de Guadalupe; go left there, it's hard to miss. Wind down through the next few kilometers and you start to get the first taste of what this place has to offer.

The rustic allure of the area awes you as you drive through. Totally captivating. Drew was driving and almost cruised off the narrow road more than he will admit. 

We finally veered off the main road, and headed toward our quarters for the next few days. The rental description didn't say anything about off-roading or needing a 4x4, but we made it there and were greeted by one of the most wonderful smiles you've ever come across. The owner of the place, Viviana, was happy to take us in and show us around.

She built her house in 2008 and started an eco-vineyard, recently opening it up to AirBnB. When we got settled, she offered us a glass of the house wine and spoke about her favorite places in town. 

After a quick dinner, we were craving some tequila and some quiet time. The local liquor store fashioned us with a flask and we posted up atop Viviana's driveway to enjoy the sky's star show.

Viviana's description of the area: "rustic beauty, peaceful, come to be in touch with the elements of the desert. At night you will be dazzled by the galaxies you can view in the sky, and during the day, by the rugged mountains decorated with vineyards and smiling faces" is exceptionally reflective of what we experienced on day 1. 

Watch for part 2 of the journey, coming at you shortly. 

Midwest Jungle

Summertime in the Midwest. What ideas brew in your brain? What visuals do you see?

We travelled to Wisconsin to visit Kestrel's family in her hometown of Trempealeau this June. The trip was a midsummer getaway to visit family and catch up with friends. 

Around every corner, there was a location unique enough to frame the most badass/quality lifestyle shoot. We weren't in Wisconsin to shoot for or with any brands, but had the opportunity to freely get creative while we were there. Drew had his camera in hand for the most part, and casually was able to capture some of the essence of Wisconsin's true beauty. 

From a wedding set in an apple orchard to canoeing the Mississippi, hikes & bikes throughout the state parks and witnessing a rare showing of the northern lights, we got lucky with the abundance of adventure we were able to cram into just 10 days.

A newer place for Drew and a familiar space for Kestrel, the scenery and magical aura of a midwest summer captured both of our adventurist spirits. Ready for another midwest journey? Always.

Mountain Wandering

With the summer heat upon us, Saturday night often seems the perfect night to get out on the town, attend an outdoor BBQ or hit the beach for a day in the sunshine. For us, we saw it as the perfect opportunity to escape the city and venture out into the mountains. 

With no exact plan, we packed the car and set out onto the open road. Our only parameters included seeking fresh mountain air and sleeping under the stars. For us, the lesser the detailed plans for an adventure, the better the journey generally turns out. We literally drove east toward the mountains, and found ourselves on the Sunset Highway.

After meandering down an array of dirt sideroads, and scuffing up the rig to give 'er a little character along the way, we happened upon a fairly secluded camp spot. Once the fire was roaring and our bellies were full from a tasty meal of Walnut Burger veggie tacos, we couldn't wait to attempt to capture some of the beautiful night sky.

A bit of wine from our Khordz mugs and a couple of long exposures later, we crashed with content. There's nothing better than taking a night away -- a night to escape the day-to-day grind, leave the technology of today behind and free yourself of the city's constant pulse. Thank you mountains, for bringing us your good tidings.

Our Changing Planet

Conscious travel enthusiasts Andy Paul and Devin Gabhart recently unveiled their first ever collaborative photography installation in San Diego, CA. Housed at Mission Hills Books & Collectibles, the exhibit featured visuals that capture some of our world's most daunting environmental challenges. But their focus wasn't on a negative state of mind; instead, they curated a photographic journey for viewers that reflected their hope for a more sustainable future.

Walking through "Our Changing Planet: Inspiring Hope and Stewardship," it was inevitable to feel a bit more connected to other global citizens -- the ones out there "who care." Leaving these images behind, we felt a lingering sense of inspiration - reminding us to engage more directly in the world, and to harness our own communities to be more responsible together.

We asked Andy and Devin how they continue to be hopeful, when the media and access to global information can consistently bombard us with depressing news on the state of our earth :: 

"My biggest source of hope are the actions of others. Just biking around town, I see little raised bed gardens in front of houses with front yards strewn with toys. This means that these people are teaching their kids how to nurture, grow and care for something outside of themselves. The more I see people engaging with nature as both a playground and a sanctuary, the more I realize that we can do this. We can alter our course and create a better future for each other and the planet." -Andy

"One thing that continues to bring me hope that people will help protect our planet is my confidence in our innate desire to cooperate and engage in life practices that make our world a better place to live. I constantly see people collaborating in innovative ways to minimize their environmental impact, leading by example, and inspiring others to join them the constant journey towards living with less, and giving back more." -Devin

For Andy, one of the most important aspects for the future is exposure. "It is hard to get people to care about receding glaciers or forests dying from pine beetles or the multitude of other symptoms of a changing planet if it doesn’t directly impact them ... that is why one of our main intentions of "Our Changing Planet: Inspiring Hope and Stewardship" is to impart a sense of compassion over the fate of these fantastic parts of the world."

Whether it's adventuring out into the world to see some of the most stunning wonders or getting together with your friends for a beach cleanup, every little bit has an impact.

"The little actions count, they add up, and as small as they may feel, they are what slowly creates larger scale change in our collective consciousness," Devin reminds us. "Stay hopeful, continue to ask questions, and enjoy the mindblowing process of learning how to consume less in a society that encourages us to consume more."