Our Changing Planet

Conscious travel enthusiasts Andy Paul and Devin Gabhart recently unveiled their first ever collaborative photography installation in San Diego, CA. Housed at Mission Hills Books & Collectibles, the exhibit featured visuals that capture some of our world's most daunting environmental challenges. But their focus wasn't on a negative state of mind; instead, they curated a photographic journey for viewers that reflected their hope for a more sustainable future.

Walking through "Our Changing Planet: Inspiring Hope and Stewardship," it was inevitable to feel a bit more connected to other global citizens -- the ones out there "who care." Leaving these images behind, we felt a lingering sense of inspiration - reminding us to engage more directly in the world, and to harness our own communities to be more responsible together.

We asked Andy and Devin how they continue to be hopeful, when the media and access to global information can consistently bombard us with depressing news on the state of our earth :: 

"My biggest source of hope are the actions of others. Just biking around town, I see little raised bed gardens in front of houses with front yards strewn with toys. This means that these people are teaching their kids how to nurture, grow and care for something outside of themselves. The more I see people engaging with nature as both a playground and a sanctuary, the more I realize that we can do this. We can alter our course and create a better future for each other and the planet." -Andy

"One thing that continues to bring me hope that people will help protect our planet is my confidence in our innate desire to cooperate and engage in life practices that make our world a better place to live. I constantly see people collaborating in innovative ways to minimize their environmental impact, leading by example, and inspiring others to join them the constant journey towards living with less, and giving back more." -Devin

For Andy, one of the most important aspects for the future is exposure. "It is hard to get people to care about receding glaciers or forests dying from pine beetles or the multitude of other symptoms of a changing planet if it doesn’t directly impact them ... that is why one of our main intentions of "Our Changing Planet: Inspiring Hope and Stewardship" is to impart a sense of compassion over the fate of these fantastic parts of the world."

Whether it's adventuring out into the world to see some of the most stunning wonders or getting together with your friends for a beach cleanup, every little bit has an impact.

"The little actions count, they add up, and as small as they may feel, they are what slowly creates larger scale change in our collective consciousness," Devin reminds us. "Stay hopeful, continue to ask questions, and enjoy the mindblowing process of learning how to consume less in a society that encourages us to consume more."