midwest jungle

Midwest Jungle

Summertime in the Midwest. What ideas brew in your brain? What visuals do you see?

We travelled to Wisconsin to visit Kestrel's family in her hometown of Trempealeau this June. The trip was a midsummer getaway to visit family and catch up with friends. 

Around every corner, there was a location unique enough to frame the most badass/quality lifestyle shoot. We weren't in Wisconsin to shoot for or with any brands, but had the opportunity to freely get creative while we were there. Drew had his camera in hand for the most part, and casually was able to capture some of the essence of Wisconsin's true beauty. 

From a wedding set in an apple orchard to canoeing the Mississippi, hikes & bikes throughout the state parks and witnessing a rare showing of the northern lights, we got lucky with the abundance of adventure we were able to cram into just 10 days.

A newer place for Drew and a familiar space for Kestrel, the scenery and magical aura of a midwest summer captured both of our adventurist spirits. Ready for another midwest journey? Always.