Backyard Exporations

It's not every day we can walk down to the border of two great countries and have a hike.

Being the end of the summer in San Diego, we are getting restless with the lagging tourists still in town and a yearly heat wave that makes everyone question where they actually live.

We needed to find a way to get out of dodge and enjoy some solitary time. Our first idea was a long drive and a pristine mountain trail. After a brief reassessment, the decision was made to hop in the car and head to a closer, southern destination. 

It was hot as could be ... and our A/C-less car was piping hot. Once we made it to the trailhead, we couldn't leave the car behind fast enough to get out into that breezy ocean air. 

It's always satisfying to make a weekday hike educational. Drew grew up within 10 miles of this place and had never been. It was mind boggling to observe how many intricate color variants paint the landscape of this wildlife refuge, which houses part of the Tijuana River Watershed.

Covering 1,750 square miles, three-fourths of the watershed lies south of the border in Mexico. Watersheds basically collect drainage from snow melt, rain and urban runoff that can flow down streams or rivers to the sea. We can all help protect these basins by trying to prevent harmful pollutants (like fertilizer, motor oil, and plastic trash) from entering storm drains, where they will then inevitably end up in the estuary and then the ocean.

With backgrounds from Mexico to the mountains, the Pacific Ocean to local islands, the views are sure to please in this fragile yet beautiful environment. The trails were clean and well designated, and we highly recommend checking it out.