Our clients always say it best.
Grateful to collaborate with such inspiring humans.


"As a newly-minted designer planning my first shoot, I was nervous about getting everything right. Kestrel and Drew worked with me for months leading up to the shoot and thought of every detail that I didn't. They scouted a great location, helped me find and book a model, and took the time to make sure they really understood my vision for the shoot & my brand as a whole. They also made the day of the shoot both highly efficient and really fun. I would work with them again in a heartbeat, and I recommend them wholeheartedly for any new or seasoned designer or brand."

 Kendall of Vesta Studio


"The Falcon Related team was professional, very prepared, and completely easy to work with! Kestrel and Drew took great care to understand my brand and ultimately over-delivered on our lookbook photos. We couldn’t be happier with their work!"

 Angela of MamaChic

"Kestrel and Drew are the perfect duo who are genuine, good-hearted, and talented beyond measure. Their passion for what they do shines through their beautiful, timeless photography, amazing story-telling, and their easy-going personalities. They were able to take my vision and ideas, and turn it into a beautiful masterpiece that defines my brand and culture perfectly."

 Nicki of milo+nicki


“Drew & Kes are one of the most talented duos I know. I’ve been lucky to know Drew for most of my life and have watched him evolve into a polished photographer with a natural eye for the essence of his subject. He’s helped me on some of the most crucial early creative challenges of building my online brand. Partnering with Kes ads the yin to Drew’s yang. With her writing skills and business acumen, I can only see even more positive results in their shared future.”

 Marko of The Vagabrothers

“Authentic content from two consciously creative Falcons. Kestrel and Drew have a unique view not only for aesthetics, but more importantly for the story and meaning behind each brand they collaborate with. They go beyond just portraying a vision, they are beautiful dreamers who ultimately enhance it.”

— Sloane of Mermaid by Hand Jewelry


“The dynamic creative duo that is Falcon Related can bring any idea or thought for your brand to life through their uncanny eye for exceptional imagery. They will connect and relate to your vision, showcasing the culture of your brand through photography.”

— Matt of Be Kind Vibes

“I loved working with Kestrel & Drew. I could feel their passion for telling stories through images, and felt completely comfortable that they would represent our artisan-made Wild Tussah handbags beautifully. They went as far as to take them to Baja Mexico for a photo shoot. These images have resulted in a more engaged audience, & timeless photos that I’ll always be able to share.”

— Danica of Wild Tussah